Hello DPA Folks,

If you have been wondering where DPA is going and what we have been up to wonder no longer! DPA has been focused on prayer for deliverance for our state from the epidemic of drug addiction our state and nation have been experiencing. God has mobilized prayer warriors in Delaware through DPA to stand against and break the chains of addiction. We have been focused on praying into birth a unique outreach ministry to the broken and hopeless called Shift Destiny. Since the onset of Shift Destiny and the focused prayer attacking addiction we have seen more arrests and exposure of the drug traffic culprits than ever before. God is moving in our state! Shift Destiny will soon be coming to a town or city near you…


The other focus of ministry DPA has been involved in is giving birth to inner-healing and deliverance ministry in our state. DPA and Harvest Christian Church will be hosting a training opportunity for those who want to learn how to minister in this unique inner-healing and deliverance prayer ministry from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Sozo means “Life” in the Greek, Sozo ministry is a time of focused prayer ministry for individuals who need freedom and life. We have seen powerful breakthrough for individuals and families struggling with addictions and trauma from abuse as well as co-occurring disorders. If you are interested in setting the captives free,  making a difference and/or hosting a training conference you can contact me at 302-542-5721. Please come out to this training in January to get a taste of this unique ministry to set the captives free…




Training in how to use Sozo Ministry to minister

to those with addiction and co-occurring disorders

Friday--January 15, 2016  7pm-9:30pm

Saturday--January 16, 2016 9am-5pm



8697 Ockels Rd

Seaford, DE  19973


Registration for Training:  $40.00

Basic Manual $20.00

Children's Manual $20.00

to register and for more information please contact:  

Kathy Chester  kjc641@gmail.com   (410) 808-3211

Personal SOZO Appointments Available:  

please contact Kathy Chester for times 



We hope you will make plans to attend this full Bethel Basic SOZO training in the Seaford, DE area on January 15-16, 2016.  This will be a unique training for this area because not only is it a full Basic training but we are emphasizing a heavy Children's Sozo component as well as how Sozo tools are used in substance abuse counseling!  The Basic training will be taught by Regional Director, Laurie Westwood.  The Children's component will be taught by Pastor Bob Hayes. And the training for Sozo ministry to those struggling with addiction will be taught by Pastor Kim Birowski. Pastor Bob is a Licensed Counselor and is certified by Bethel Sozo leaders as a Children's Sozo teacher. Pastor Kim Birowski, of Harvest Church will be teaching how the Sozo ministry tools are used to minister to those with substance abuse disorders. Pastor Kim is a substance abuse counselor who has used the Sozo tools to help break the chains of addiction for individuals and families who struggle to maintain their recovery. Pastor Kim is also a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers, under the leadership of Doris Wagner and Peter Wagner.


After each of the Basic tools are reviewed, Pastor Bob and Pastor Kim will teach on what that tool will look like in a Children's Sozo or a Sozo focused on bringing individuals into recovery from addiction.  Their expertise and training allows them to clearly explain how the Basic Sozo tools should be used and applied differently with children and those dealing with addiction.  It's important to have this training if you would like to do Sozo ministry for children under the age of 14, or want to do Sozo ministry for people in addiction.


Basic Sozo training is required for anyone wanting to be a part of a Sozo ministry team and could also be helpful to those in Healing Rooms or other ministries who want to learn about the prayers and processes that might be helpful in their work with children.  


Registration for the training is $40.00 and includes both days of training.  The cost of the Basic and Children's manuals are $20.00 each.  All attendees will need a manual. Please register prior to this training so that the hosting church may properly prepare for training space.  For more information or questions contact Kathy Chester: kjc641@gmail.com  (410) 808-3211.  Personal Sozo appointments are also available--please contact Kathy for available appointment times.


If you are already a Sozo team member and have taken the Basic and Children's Sozo training but would like the opportunity to observe as a third chair position and refresh your training, the cost of the training is $40.00.  Please remember to bring your manuals.  This is a great way to gain experience in Sozo ministry!  Please contact the church for the availability of the third chair positions.  This training is going to be an amazing time of teaching, room ministry, demos, testimonies and connecting with others in the region who are interested in Sozo ministry.


We look forward to seeing you in Seaford, DE!



Agreeing With Heaven,

Pastor Kim Birowski

Harvest Christian Church

Delaware Prayer Alliance




Two very important ways you can help us is to invite Delaware Payer Alliance to come to your church and speak about the prayer assigments we will be accomplishing in 2014. You can also make a tax free donation to Delaware Prayer Alliance by sending a check to:


Delaware Prayer Alliance

207 Sunnydale Ln

Seaford, DE 19973


Thank you for you interest in prayer for our state!!


Any Questions about prayer initiatives and for future participation with us email me at  kimbirowski@comcast.net or call me at 302-542-5721

Pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. -

I Thessalonians 5:17, 18


Thank you for your faithfulness to usher in revival to our region through worship, fervent intercession and spiritual warfare!


~ Pastor Kim Birowski

Executive Director Delaware Prayer Alliance


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